• 18th August 2013 remains a memorable day for me.That day was the first time in my life that I was admitted into the hospital as a patient. it was also the beginning of a long stay in hospitals, hotels physiotherapy suits etc. For the first time in my life I experienced being moved on a wheel chair, used of a walker and then crutches. I had an expensive spinal surgery and a long recovery and recuperation phase.
    But wait, let me go back to the very beginning .It was a “normal “chaotic day in the Accident and emergency Department of the hospital where I work. Soon, there were three cases requiring CPR .We did the CPRs one after the other, as the patients were brought into the resuscitation unit. The third case was a very heavily built man, and A&E couches are sometimes not adequate for performing CPRs properly.Heroic medics that we are,without waiting for the orderlies, we lift the heavy patient off the couch unto the floor and that’s when there is a snap in my lower back. We go on with the CPR, though sadly the patient does not make it .We lift him back again unto the couch and get on with the busy schedule of the A&E.
    Three days later ,I start develop severe lower back pain which I did not take serious.10 days later my journey into the world of severe excruciating back pains, inability to stand, or walk, sleepless nights and neuropathies and, more excruciating back pains begin. Then on the 18th of August, despite the pains, I report for night duty, and end up as a patient in the orthopedic ward. After 14 days, during which there is a doctor’s strike followed by a JOHESU strike, am referred for spinal surgery in Abuja. On the 22nd of September,the surgery is done, and then begins the long road to recovery. In February, I return to work ,but now conscious of danger lurking in the A&E department, bravely facing the potential dangers of occupational hazards facing a medical officer in the casualty department.
    Dr Ben Ugbe 2/10/2014


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  • abimbola ekundayo
    abimbola ekundayo being a doctor then a patient is one of the craziest things to ever happen to someone. interestingly, being a patient changes the outlook when you meet patients later. thank God for your life and im glad you are back up on your feet. do feel free to read ...  more
    February 27, 2015

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