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The AstraZeneca Research Grant Nigeria 2014 - 2016

  • October 28, 2014 1:39 AM CET


    The AstraZeneca Research Grant seeks medical research proposals from researchers affiliated to accredited Nigerian medical schools  and research institutions who show promise of delivering medical research of high scientific merit

    The Grant seeks to enhance health research capacity in Nigeria by supporting local research that will advance knowledge and improve practice in various specialties

    The said researchers will have to meet the eligibility criteria in order to be considered.

    1. Following the Call for proposals, applicants will be required to submit their research proposals and other relevant documents to:


    2. Expert review of the proposals will be carried out by the Scientific Review Committee(SRC). The SRC members may recommend external reviewers to review the proposals  if relevant expertise is required.

    3.   Following the review and recommendations by the SRC, all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submissions.


    Applicants should be Nigerian citizens or permanent residents in Nigeria and affiliated to a Nigerian medical school or recognized institution. Each proposal must be accompanied with a letter of Institutional support and ethical approval or evidence of submission to an Institutional review board (IRB)

    Research Proposals should focus on non-communicable and infectious diseases with a bias to epidemiology and health outcome studies.

    The research must be carried out in Nigeria

    Researchers must provide required supporting documentation

    The proposal may be submitted in the same format  presented to the relevant ethics committee

    The project must be completed within 2 years with 6 monthly progress reports

    Funding  will be in tranches and dependent on progress report.

    Each project must have a Gantt chart with milestones.

    The funding will be disbursed to the successful applicant’s institution  which will subsequently avail  the funding to the researcher

    Joint funding with other funding organizations  is acceptable but this would need to be declared in the application



    Current CV and  proof of academic qualifications

    Proof of institutional affiliation

    Research proposal document

    Medical and Dental Board Registration (where applicable)

    Evidence of submission to Ethics Committee must be available on application. Final Ethics approval for  the proposed research must be made available prior to disbursement of grants

    Successful applicant may forfeit  the funding and the funding reallocated if Ethics approval is not received within 3 months of award announcement


    As guidance , the Scientific Review Committee will consider specific  aspects of the proposals as follows:

    Title:  5 points

    Is the title informative and does it clearly describe the subject of the research?

    Is the research authentic?


    Proposals that meet the eligibility criteria will be  assigned points by the Scientific Review Committee

    • Introduction: 10 points

    Does the research address an important problem or critical barrier to progress in the field?

    Does the introduction clearly develop the context on the subject of the research?

    Is the literature quoted in the introduction relevant to the subject of the research?

    Is the order of information logical  and does it flow smoothly from one idea to another?

    Is the introduction written such that a reviewer, not necessarily a specialist in the field can clearly understand the importance of the research?

    • Literature review: 10 points

    Does the literature review provide a critical evaluation of a body of literature relating to the research topic?

    Does the review show that the researcher is familiar with previous, relevant research?

    Does the review determine remaining questions or aspects of the topic in need of research?

    • Justification: 10 points

    What  is the rationale for the research or the reason why the research is being conducted

    Justification should include an explanation for the design and methods employed in the research

    • Hypothesis: 10 points

    Clear and concise

    Correctly reflect the research

    Stated correctly in the form of hypothesis statements (not as questions)

    Written such that a reviewer, not necessarily a specialist in the field, can clearly understand the importance of the research?

    • Methods (including Objective): 35 points

    Clear and concise

    Sufficient  to understand how the hypotheses will be addressed by the research

    Not overly burdened with minute details

    Uses references where necessary

    Written such that a reviewer, not necessarily a specialist in the field,can clearly understand the importance of the research?

    • Literature cited : 10 points

    All references are consistently formatted  and  the numbers correspond correctly to numbers within the text.

    There are a minimum  of 10 references.

    • Budget : 5 points

    Is the costing of various elements of the research prudent and well thought out?

    •General presentation : 10 points

    Correct sequence of sub-titles

    Consistent and legible font

    Neat spacing

    Pages numbered correctly

    • Error Free bonus: 5 points.

    Paper  free of spelling and grammatical errors will be awarded 5 points.

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