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Meet and Greet Reception by ANPA Florida kicks off ANPA 2015 Convention.

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ANPA Florida hosted  a meet and greet this evening to start the 2015 ANPA Convention in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Dan and Ahmed of MD Capital and Wealth Management for sponsoring the event. DSC00230DSC00099 DSC00100 DSC00102 DSC00106 DSC00107 DSC00108 DSC00112 DSC00113 DSC00115 DSC00117 DSC00118 DSC00119 DSC00120 DSC00121 DSC00122 DSC00126 DSC00132 DSC00237 DSC00238 DSC00257 DSC00260 DSC00126 DSC00136 DSC00138 DSC00143 DSC00146 DSC00151 DSC00167 DSC00174 DSC00175 DSC00183 DSC00185 DSC00189 DSC00210 DSC00217 DSC00220 DSC00223 DSC00225 DSC00228 DSC00230 DSC00236 DSC00237-001 DSC00239 DSC00241 DSC00245 DSC00248

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