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Can You Deliver? 75th…Tongue Ulcers

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Everyday poses new challenge for a pharmacist, either at the community level,as a medical rep.,hospital or even as a non practicing pharmacist.
Few days ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a banker, went to a birthday party of one of their top directors. As they got things ready for the show( she had gone earlier to assist in preparation), the director’s husband(who happens to be a big short in another bank) called her attention,and asked her “my wife told me you are a Pharmacist,is that right?, that’s right sir,good,I have this problem that seem to defile medical knowledge in this country,I know you count more of money than drugs, but I am hoping I could be lucky,after all,” once a pharmacist…always a pharmacist”, the wife echoed from behind ..all laughed. I have this persistent swollen gums,tongue as if my mouth was burnt by hot water,that is in addition to the hypertension I have,but the latter is very stable for a while now, I have taken so much drugs to solve this problem, all to no avail, is there anything you can suggest to me? My tongue really hurts, my tongue knows no taste now!!!
She called me and related what i just narrated above, I asked to her send me the drugs the man is taking,after sometime,she sent it,and they were.
Tab lisinopril 10mg
Tab amlodipne 5mg
Tab acetyl salicylic acid 75mg
She also let this message…Pharma,givemesomething, the wife has been sitting on my annualleave file, I need to get lucky.
HOW DO WE HELP A COLLEAGUE DELIVER?, did I mention she promised to get me shawama should this be successful

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