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[Correspondence] Saving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: full of hope or just hopeless?

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On July 14, 2015, Iran, the P5+1 countries (China, France, Russia, UK, USA, and Germany), and the European Union signed a landmark nuclear agreement that officially went into effect on Jan 16, 2016.1x1Kahan, JK. Revisiting the Iran nuclear deal. Orbis. ; 61: 109–124
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Although the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has frequently reiterated Iran's adherence to the nuclear agreement, surprisingly, on Oct 13, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that the USA would not certify Iranian compliance with the JCPOA, and warned that he might ultimately terminate the agreement.4x4United States and Office of the Press Secretary. Remarks by President Trump on Iran strategy. ;
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The Iranian scientific community is now pessimistic, and some theoreticians consider this agreement only as a strategy of hope. Before these latest political conflicts, the JCPOA was considered to be a model for global interactions based on mutual constructive engagement, and its implementation was crucial for regional and global stability. However, recent political conflicts have substantially damaged the positive atmosphere in the scientific community. It is now believed that the USA is trying to make all efforts to prevent Iran from taking advantage of this agreement, creating an ambiguous atmosphere that makes people worldwide doubtful about any confident cooperation with the Iranian community. This destructive atmosphere can potentially diminish Iran's benefits from the agreement. No one can forget the long-lasting process that yielded the agreement, which will not be easy to achieve again. Since there has not been any evidence against Iran's activities, the remaining partners should adhere to the JCPOA, ask the USA not to harm it, and stay unified in their commitment. It is a very important time to strengthen those parts of the agreement responsible for expert exchanges, to foster the cooperation needed for full success of the deal.

Apart from the direct effects of sanctions on political relations, the economy, oil prices, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and foreign exposure and transactions, there are also hidden aspects that indirectly affect the Iranian scientific community.6x6Saeidnia, S and Abdollahi, M. Consequences of international sanctions on Iranian scientists and the basis of science. Hepat Mon. ; 13: e14843
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