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Egypt:Myths and Methadone - Will Egypt's Laws Bend to the Rising Tide of Drug Abuse?

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The real revolution is yet to come when it relates to the country's opioid epidemic.

A thin, frail man slumps in an oversized chair, his body fading into the fabric. Deep creases line his face.le

"You can call me Amgad," he says. It is not his real name. His voice is brittle in the soundless recording studio, but not uncomfortably so. For Amgad, this is a calm bolt hole: the padded walls block the inces- sant hooting of Cairo's taxi drivers rising from the street below. He can come here because this is where his brother works, a man to whom Amgad believes he owes his life.

For nearly 20 of his 35 years, he has been dependent on drugs.

It was to drown out the mayhem in his family that Amgad first

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