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Factors influencing the use of outcome measures in knee osteoarthritis: A mixed method study of physiotherapists in Nigeria.

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Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee constitutes a significant proportion of musculoskeletal disorders managed in physiotherapy clinics worldwide. Best practice guidelines in the management of OA ensure the use of outcome measures.


This study explored the factors influencing the use of outcome measures in management of patients with knee OA among physiotherapists in southwestern Nigeria.


Mixed method design was used that involved a cross-sectional survey of 77 purposively selected physiotherapists and a focus group discussion with another 6 physiotherapists.


Participants (48 males, 29 females) were aged 35.3 ± 7.3 years. Fifty-two (67.5%) participants reported the use of outcome measures in the treatment of the patients with knee OA. The perceived barriers reported were lack of time/heavy workload (55.9%); lack of standardization of outcome measures (45%); lack of motivation (36.4%); and nonavailability of outcome measures in the clinic (36.4%). Reported perceived facilitators include interest/need to track patient's progress and ethical practice (87.1%); familiarity with outcome measures (87.0%); and understanding of the benefits of using outcome measures (87.0%).


There is a need to establish good organizational structure focusing on the use of outcome measures in practice and development of a concessional toolkit of short and easily applicable instruments with user description.

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