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Dallas: Hot Takes on Hot Topics

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The 24th ANPA National Convention and Scientific Assembly recently held in Dallas, TX , introduced innovative “Hot Topics” sessions where ANPA members took turns to expound on some of the most topical and controversial subjects in medicine.

I was wowed by the depth and breadth of expertise on display, and  I should have learned a lot. But I was too preoccupied worrying about speakers going over their times that all I took away were the following.

Aham Onyike: you might be the only orthopod that knows words like “propinquity”

Ngozi Osuagwu: does one have to give up Nkwobi to live in a blue zone? Asking for a friend.

Obiageli U Ogbata, MD and Uchenna L. Umeh, MD were active participants at the scientific session

Oby Ogbata: take a bow for this lady – gave a flawless presentation even after I loaded the wrong version of her slides

Ify Osunkwo: I’m never prescribing opioids again without feeling guilty

Chi Chi Anyaogu: Ify’s sister, Ify’s sister  (let’s make this trend)

Obi Ekwenna: tufiakwa, getting a Hep C- infected transplant shall never be my portion….

Kwavi Agbeyegbe: could you teach everyone else how to make simple, bold, easy to read slides?

Kingsley Agbeyegbe: your next talk should be “Transition from Clinical Practice: Livin’ la Vida Loca

Marco Onuigbo: all I wanna know is how can I fix baby hernias in Naija through telemedicine?

Charles Dike: dude, what other presidential psych malady do you have up your sleeves for our silver jubilee convention? (you might get more than 15 minutes..)

Stanley Okoro: you have your own paid social media director for real?

Phillip Igbinadolor: do they make CPAP masks that won’t give the kids nightmares?

Charmaine Emelife: you gave a coffee lecture made on a coffee bean PowerPoint template; hmm, you no hear one, Madam President…

Get ready to send me your 2019 Hot Topic Ideas soon.

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