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[Corrections] Correction to Lancet Glob Health 2018; 6: e998–1007

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Noubiap JJ, Bigna JJ, Nansseu JR, et al. Prevalence of dyslipidaemia among adults in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet Glob Health 2018; 6: e998–1007—Seven studies were included in the meta-analysis which were duplicates of three studies. Four of the duplicate studies were removed and the analyses were redone (R version has been updated). The data for studies included, elevated concentrations of total cholesterol with a cutoff of at least 5·2 mmol/L, low concentrations of HDL cholesterol with a cutoff of less than 1·0 mmol/L, elevated concentrations of LDL cholesterol with a cutoff of at least 3·3 mmol/L, elevated concentrations of triglycerides with a cutoff of at least 1·7 mmol/L, and overall random effects meta-analysis have been updated to reflect this in the Summary, in the table, on pages e1002, e1003, and e1005, and in figures 2–5.

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