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[Correspondence] Dyslipidaemia in Africa—comment on a recent systematic review – Authors' reply

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We thank Robert Newton for his Correspondence, which has provided us with the opportunity to correct an oversight. We agree that our review1 mistakenly included three articles from the same study done in Uganda.3–4 After further cross-checking of the 181 studies initially included in the review, we identified two additional duplicates.5–8 We conducted new analyses including only data reported in the articles with highest sample size among the duplicates identified (table). The pooled prevalence of dyslipidaemia in the general population from population-based studies was 25·5% (95% CI 20·0–31·4; corrected from 23·6%, 18·4–29·6) for elevated concentrations of total cholesterol with a cutoff of at least 5·2 mmol/L, 37·4% (29·4–45·7; corrected from 41·1%; 33·0–49·2) for low concentrations of HDL cholesterol with a cutoff of less than 1·0 mmol/L, 28.6% (15·8–43·5; corrected from 25·7%, 16·2–36·6) for elevated concentrations of LDL cholesterol with a cutoff of at least 3·3 mmol/L, and 17·0% (11·9–22·7; corrected from 16·5%, 11·8–21·6) for elevated concentrations of triglycerides with a cutoff of at least 1·7 mmol/L (table).

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