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[Corrections] Correction to Lancet Glob Health 2019; 7: e412–13

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Sal y Rosas VG, Moscoso-Porras M, Ormeño R, Artica F, Bayes CL, Miranda JJ. Gender income gap among physicians and nurses in Peru: a nationwide assessment. Lancet Glob Health 2019; 7: e412—In this Correspondence, the numbers for the unadjusted effect should have been 1·18 (95% CI 1·14–1·22; p<0·001) for physicians and 1·01 (0·98–1·04; p=0·513) for nurses. This error was due to a typo in the code (appendix page 10 line 7 and page 11 line 14, respectively). The code has been modified to show the unadjusted and adjusted analysis separately and Table 3 in the appendix has been corrected.

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