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South Africa: HIV and AIDS - 'We Need to Involve Men in Discussions Around Sexual Violence'

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Durban — Ahead of the 9th SA AIDS Conference, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) shared their success with its 'Bending the Curves' project.  Started in 2011 before the 90-90-90 targets were set by UNAIDS, it aims to bend the curves of new HIV infections, HIV-related illnesses and deaths. Findings from a follow-up survey of the community-based HIV/TB project in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal, shows that the project has achieved the UNAIDS targets of 90-90-90 one year ahead of the 2020 deadline. The results were 90-94-95 or simply 90% of people living with HIV know their status, 94% of those were on anti-retroviral treatment and 95% of those had a suppressed viral load.


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