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Liberia: Newborn Mortality Rate Up At 1,072 Per 100k Lives

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House Committee chairman on Health, Rep. Joseph Somwarbi, Rep. Julie Wiah, chairperson on Gender, Equity, Child Development and Social Services and member of the Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning; Rep. Rosana Schaack, chairperson of the Women Legislative Caucus and member of the Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning as well as Rep. Byron Zahnwea and officials of Partnership for Sustainable Development

Liberia's deaths rate of newborn babies is among the highest in the world, because it has increased from 997/100,000 (997 deaths per 100,000 lives) to 1072/100,000 (1072 deaths per 100,000 lives). However, in order to curb the death of new born babies, a local civil society

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