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South Africa: Free State Health MEC Condemns Violent Attacks On EMS

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An attack on an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) crew in the early hours of Sunday morning in Lusaka in Theunissen in the Free State has been condemned.

The crew was attacked as they attended to an assaulted person about 01:00.

"The EMS crews fled away from scene leaving behind 1 other ambulance which had punctured tyres. SAPS later brought the ambulance to EMS base," Spokesperson Mondli Mvambi said in a statement on Sunday.

This incident follows a break-in at the clinic and an attempt to steal a patient transport vehicle in the same town, Mvambi added.

"EMS Crews will be getting counselling and support to come to terms with this unwelcome incident," Mvambi concluded.

Free State MEC of Health,

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