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The impact of organizational culture on total quality management in SMEs in Nigeria.

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The goal of this exploration is to observationally test the connection between total quality management and SMEs' performance. Specifically, it looks at whether organizational culture (OC) has an interceding impact on the TQM-SMEs performance relationship. Established on the literature review of TQM, OC and SMEs performance, the theoretical model for this investigation was formed. A self-controlled survey was utilized to gather information from the SMEs owners-managers in the South-western region of Nigeria. In determining the relationship, SEM-PLS 3.0 was utilized. Measurable results add to the literature by showing a positive direct impact of TQM and OC on SMEs' performance, and a critical and positive aberrant impact of TQM on SMEs' performance through OC. The quantitative cross-sectional research configuration explored an example of assembling SMEs. Subjective methods or a contextual investigation approach for additional data examination could be utilized for subsequent research. The results of this exploration give awareness into SMEs' owners-managers in the present unique manufacturing setting, concentrating on TQM as an instrument for improving their performance. The outcomes can help SMEs by giving direction with regards to the OC, on account of its impact on the effective execution of TQM, in this way improving the dimension of performance. The examination expands the TQM literature with an extensive comprehension of TQM from the point of view of SMEs in Nigeria. It fills the void in observational examinations that research the joint impact of TQM and OC on SMEs' performance.

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