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Evaluation of Health Risk Level of Hand-Arm and Whole-Body Vibrations on the Technical Operators and Equipment in a Tobacco-Producing Company in Nigeria.

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Vibration is experienced when a body is subjected to either internal or external forces which cause oscillation, with most operators of industrial equipment often exposed to high dosage, higher than the stipulated values. In this research, Digital Real-Time Frequency Analyzer (RSA 5106A) was used, while the results obtained were evaluated and compared with the health guidelines of the ISO 2631-1 : 1997 and ISO 2631-5 : 2004 standards, as described in the Health Guidance Caution Zone for a daily exposure action value (EAV) of 0.47 m/s2 and a daily exposure limit value (ELV) of 0.93 m/s. High acceleration was mostly seen on the z-axis in all the results obtained, whereas many were not within the HGCZ (A rms <0.47, and >0.93 m/s2). Comparing (VDV <8.5 m/s1.75 and >17 m/s1.75) with the ISO standard, the accelerations on all x- and y-axes were slightly within the HGCZ, with just a little below 0.47 m/s2 limit. The results obtained clearly showed that urgent action is needed virtually on all the equipment in both the Secondary Manufacturing Department (SMD) and Primary Manufacturing Department (PMD) to minimize vibration exposure on the technical operators.

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