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Seychelles: State of the Nation - Seychelles to Scrap Value Added Tax On Food Commodities to Reduce Cost of Living

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The government of Seychelles plans to remove the Value Added Tax (VAT) from all food commodities as part of measures to reduce the cost of living, President Danny Faure said in his State of the Nation address on Thursday.

Faure said that the cost of living is a concern for everyone and the government has taken many steps to alleviate the problem.

"In 2012, government introduced VAT to replace GST (Goods and Services tax). Gradually, as the economy performed stronger and the means allowed, we continued to remove VAT from food products," he announced.

The new measure will go into force on March 16, he said.

Last year marked the end of a decade that saw Seychelles continue on a path of progress

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