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Will Nigerians Win the War Against Urinary Schistosomiasis? Prevalence, Intensity, Risk Factors and Knowledge Assessment among Some Rural Communities in Southwestern Nigeria.

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Urinary schistosomiasis is a devastating parasitic disease in Nigeria. This study was carried out to investigate the current prevalence, intensity, risk factors and knowledge assessment among some rural communities in southwestern Nigeria. A cross-sectional study was carried out in which a standard urine filtrations technique was used to determine the prevalence and intensity of infection. A well-designed questionnaire was used to collect subject's data on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Of the total 620 urine samples examined, overall 346 (55.81%) were positive with a mean egg intensity (S.D) of 65.60 (59.33) egg/10 mL of urine. Significant differences occurred in the analysis. Males had the highest prevalence and intensity of 224 (61.9%) and 69.20 egg/10 mL of urine, respectively. The 10-14 years age group had the highest prevalence of 65.9% while mean intensity of infection among the age group decreases with increasing age, with the highest mean intensity of infection (80.14 egg/10 mL) recorded among the age group ≤ 4 years. Bivariate logistic regression analysis showed that being age group 10-14 (COR 0.27, 95% CI: 0.09-0.79) and dependent on river (COR 0.67, 95% CI: 0.33-1.33) increased the odd of contracting an infection. Similarly, the knowledge of respondents on urinary schistosomiasis was low. Conclusively, urinary schistosomiasis is still persistent at a very high rate in the study area and appropriate control measure should be deployed.

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