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by Anonymous in Clinical about February 23, 2014 open - report

Best way to carry accident victims (? neck injury) in rural areas

As a corper, we often see accident victims here, and no ambulances or stretcher. In such a local area, what's the best way to prevent moreinjury in carrying a patient - any cheap improvisation will be very useful. God bless you.

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    by Tomi Lamikanra about March 10, 2014

    A hard board, sand bags to stabilize the neck! We used dunlop slippers to fashion an improvised cervical collar- size needs to be right! 

    If you see so many injuries, a community developement project that will be useful even after the community is getting someone to make stretchers- easily available materials- canvas or strong plastic sheeting, two poles and voila you have a stretcher! You will help to save many lives and the stretchers will live on after you have gone!

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    by Simone Leeuw about February 24, 2014

    I think the main thing to focus on is stabilisation of the patient to the best of your ability. Preferabbly a hard board should be used ( any hard surface item long enough to hold patient), using the method of 'log-rolling' to place the patient onto the board.  Making sure one person is constantly stabilizing the patients neck.if no neck brace is available, place a thick towel around the neck and get a person with steady hands to hold onto the sides of neck.the more hands you have, the better. ask the community to get involved. if no board-like items are available, i would use a very thick blanket, making it as taut as possible while people stabilize patient on blanket while moving

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