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by Anonymous in Clinical about March 3, 2014 open - report

What's the diagnosis here?

What's in the xray?

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    by Anonymous about March 7, 2014

    really wondering what the history is like...I will agree with Simone.

    it is ?pneumonia ?pulmonary edema...the cottonwool appearance and effusion make me think of congestive heart failure

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    by Simone Leeuw about March 7, 2014

    Firstly this appears to be a poorly penetrated xray, that seems to be supine and slightly rotated.Artefacts of ECG electrodes on xray. Increased cardiothoracic ratio. blurring of right costophrenic angle and loss of costophrenic angle on left. opacity over right middle and lower lobe, with sparing around the right hilar area. opacity over left inferior lobe. sparing around bilateral upper lobes.cannot see air bronchogram ?kerley B lines

    ?CCF with pulmonary oedema?bilateral pneumonia

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