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How do I collect points?

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by Simone Leeuw in Administration about March 23, 2014 open - report

Are doctors being exploited?

I recently read an interesting article on Medscape on the possible exploitation of doctors, and disturbingly alot of the points being made in that article rang true to me. 

Many thought provoking points were made on about the restrictions placed on doctors by medical aid/insurance companies and medical professional boards, forcing doctors into running a flawed business model. Many doctors have suffered a decrease in income due to the difficulties of increasing reimbursement in respect to their practices expenses ( as medical fees are standardised by medical boards), medical insurers exerting control over physicians and dictating to them regarding authorizations.

 Read the article

Do you feel slightly disempowered? Do you agree with this artcle?

Who is advocating on behalf of doctors?

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